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Host: Now joining me on the phone this morning Mark Patrick from the Mark Patrick Hypnosis Seminars and if you've got a New Years resolution that you'd like to make a reality Mark can help that. Especially with losing weight or stopping smoking.

Hey Mark, how are you doing today?

Mark: Thanks for having me on.

Host: Yeah.

Mark: Great. Thanks for having me on.

Host: No problem. Now, tell us a little bit about the programs you have coming up at the Ramada in Austinburg on January 8th.

Mark: Well, we're doing two programs. We're doing both the weight loss and a stop smoking program with hypnosis and I think if you're a resolution person and they are not successful for you we can definitely help.

Host: Nice. Now, you know what kind of things happen when you, you know what can you expect when you show up?

Mark: Well, let's talk about hypnosis for a second. I think everybody's perception of hypnosis is what we see on TV where you see people barking, clucking, doing crazy silly things, out of control. It’s the exact opposite. You are so in control, so relaxed during hypnosis. It’s actually an occurrence that happens every single day in a person’s life. If you ever sat there and you drove for a long distance and you zoned out and you didn’t remember last 30, 40, 50 miles and it went by like the blink of the eyes you actually went into a “Highway hypnosis” state. Before you go to bed you go into a state of consciousness which is known as an alpha state.

Without getting overly technical that’s a hypnotic state. So, all we do is this is we get people back into these relaxed states so that they could start working at the subconscious level correcting all the habits and behaviors that they want to fix in the first place so they could live a healthier lifestyle. I make it easy for them.

Host: Nice. Now, that’s at the Ramada, Route 45 and I-90 in Austinburg coming up this Thursday night. Weight loss seminar is 5:30. Stop smoking seminar is 8 o’clock What do you need to bring with you if you’re coming to one of these seminars?

Mark: Here's all you need to bring. Bring an open mind and a willingness to want to live a healthier lifestlye. Even if you don't even know if you could ever by hypnotized, even if you tried to lose weight on every diet in the book or you tried everything under the Sun to stop smoking, as long as you have a desire to live a healthier lifestyle we’re going to teach you how to use the most powerful tool you have, your subconscious to help you acquire those behaviors and habits and images.

Host: Nice. Now, Mark if there’s some place you know, somebody wants to go to get some more information or maybe pre-register is there a place that can do that?

Mark: They can go to our website. It's Mark Patrick Seminars with an S, and you can see a lot of information, you can see some other successes, testimonials. Yeah, we have a lot of stuff there. So, you can register online or if you want to you can just show up 30 minutes prior to the seminar and we could register you right at the door.

Host: Okay. Again, that's Thursday at the Ramada in Austinburg, Route 45 and Austinburg road I-90 right there at that interchange. Again, 5:30 is the weight loss seminar, 8 o’clock is the stop smoking seminar. Mark, thank you very much for taking time today. We’ll see you on Thursday.

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