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MARK: Hey, thanks for having me on.

HOST 1: This is New Years’ resolution season. I can’t think of a more perfect time for you to once again help out the people of Maine. Is this just coincidence?

MARK: No, this is the time of year where people are looking to execute their resolutions and weight loss is the number one and stop smoking is number two and we’re hoping to help with that.

HOST 2:  Yeah. Are people a little bit more committed do you think this time of the year than they would be say in the summer time, or the fall? Do you find that people are a little bit more determined?

MARK: I think this time of the year people are more open to making changes.

HOST 2: Yeah.

MARK: They have less distractions in their life and that’s the perfect time. When you’re distracted with so many different things sometimes you can lose focus and one of the things we’re going to do is we’re going to get people back on track. You know, 95% of people that go on diets end up gaining weight back and with stop smoking the success rates are just around 3% with cold turkey. So, we show people how to finally get control over these behaviors, finally lose weight, and be able to keep it off and to be able to become lifelong non-smokers.

HOST 1: And you run both seminars in the same night, right, at each location?

MARK: Yeah. We do the weight loss separately from the stop smoking. Weight loss is first and then the stop smoking is second.

HOST 1: What if you were trying to stop smoking and lose weight?

MARK: I call that an overall health makeover. You should thank yourselves today and come to both of those.

HOST 2: Yes.

HOST 1: You’ll be in Augusta on Monday, February 6th, in Rockport, February 7th and in Bangor on February 8th. These are locations that you’ve been before. Do you get to see some of the same faces?

MARK: Yes. With weight loss, we get a lot of people. Once you pay once with us you can come back for free reinforcement for the rest of your life anywhere you want in the country. We’re doing this nationally. So, we get a lot of people that come back for a refresher, they want to hear the seminar again, they want to get hypnotized again for free. With the smoking, we don’t get too many people that come back because once they stopped we kind of never hear from them again other than they might email us or give us a call asking for their friends and family when they could go.

HOST 1: Well, tell us a little bit about how it works. I mean, should people be afraid of this for any reason?

MARK: Well, I think most people’s perception of hypnosis is barking, clucking, going crazy, losing control, doing silly things and the hypnotist getting mind control over them. We go into hypnosis all the time, nobody controls your mind. What a great hypnotist does is they are like the conductor, they lead you into a path where your subconscious becomes open to creativity and suggestion.

And what we do is this. Everybody says you need to change your habits, but before you change your habit, you have to change your image. If we have a unhealthy image of ourselves, we attract an unhealthy habit. If that image has shaped our entire life no matter how many diets you go on, how many patches of gums you use, you will go back to smoking, or you will gain the weight back. Once you have a healthy image subconsciously, you will attract a healthy habit automatically. Because guess what you won’t have to count calories, you won’t have to think about every point or anything, or whatever it is. What happens is they are exhausted and when somebody’s exhausted doing this they give up very, very quickly. So, that’s one of the things we do, we tap into the most powerful muscle in our body and that’s our brain.

HOST 1: And it just takes a couple of hours. I mean, that’s the total length of time that you’ll be at a Mark Patrick seminar, correct?

MARK: Yeah. It’s a two-hour session. Sometimes, depending on the crowds, we might run a few minutes over that, but we give everybody heads up on that. And it’s you learn a lot about how your mind works, you learn how to get control over it, you learn how to reinforce it, how your body works in response to a lot of different things and stimulus. It is a pretty cool seminar. We get a lot of great feedback on it.

HOST 2: With the weight loss part of it Mark, when people, if it is successful, do you recommend a diet for them, or? Where do they go once they’ve gone to your seminar?

MARK: So, here is what people say. Well, do you have to teach somebody what to eat? No. Once you teach somebody under hypnosis how to get a healthier image of themselves here’s what happens. Your subconscious is the best computer in the world. It will find—and it’s solution-based. It will find things and test things that work for you and it will keep applying those automatically just like a computer system does. And anything that doesn’t work or anything that’s not healthy there’s a little mechanism in our brain called a reticular activation system and what it will do—that makes you aware of stuff that’s in line with your healthy identity and it avoids everything else.

For example, somebody goes to a buffet when they’re on a diet they have to look for you know, portions and healthy foods and have to think about it. Once your healthy image is in place you go to a buffet, you eat small portions, you chew slow, you crave only healthy foods and you’re not even aware of the unhealthy foods. You don’t even feel like you’re your missing that. It’s not like you’re giving up something because you don’t want it in the first place.

HOST 1: Well, your weight loss seminar starts at 5:30 and the stop smoking at 8 P.M. Again, it’s Monday, February 6th in Augusta at the Senator Inn. On Tuesday in Rockport at the Samoset Resort and Wednesday in Bangor at the Hilton Garden Inn. And you just recommend that folks stop in and preregister before the seminar that they wish to attend?

MARK: They can do two things. They can register, preregister or they can come in 30 minutes prior to the seminar and just walk in and we will get them right in there. So, we do suggest preregistering because some of these rooms have limited capacity. We want to make sure we can accommodate everybody and make this a smooth process for everyone coming.

HOST 1: And they can do that right on your website?

MARK: Yeah. You can go to, you can register on the website, you don’t have to pay until you get to the program and we’ll take care of everything else.

HOST 1: Well, there you go. Your New Years’ resolution worries are no more.

HOST 2:Yeah.

HOST 1: Smart Patrick is coming back to town. Well, Mark, thanks for spending time with us again.

MARK: Hey, thanks for having me on.

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