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Host: This is BIG 104 FM, the Big Morning Show with Mike Dow. Always a pleasure to have my next guest on the program. And he'll be in the state of Maine next week helping people quit smoking, lose weight or both. He is America's hypnotist Mark Patrick. Mark Patrick will be at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Tuesday, February 9th. Senator Inn Spa, Western Avenue in Augusta, Wednesday, February 10th. The Hilton Garden Inn, Haskell Road in Bangor, Thursday, February 11th. You have nothing to lose because it's guaranteed.

Mark Patrick of Mark Patrick Seminars, welcome back to BIG 104 FM.

Mark: Thanks for having me on.

Host: All right. So, we want to talk to people who smoke today and people who want to stop smoking and we want to talk to people who want to lose weight. And we got a lot of people listening right now, Mark. We are on three radio stations. Can you help long-term smokers quit as well as people who may have become more recently addicted?

Mark: Absolutely. You have some people who are social smokers, some people who have just started and then you have some people who have been smoking for 30, 40, 50 years. The time does not matter on that. All that matters is you just –I know every smoker loves to smoke. They know that’s too and they know it’s killing them. What we do in our programs we use hypnosis which is actually the second most effective tool to get people to stop smoking. Number one being a heart attack survivor, not stressing anybody out, we keep it positive here.

And what we do under hypnosis is this, is we take that pleasure association, that false perceived pleasure that gets that smoking out of their subconscious mind. We work on their subconscious image from that of a smoker to a non-smoker. And then we break all the scenes that they smoke throughout the day. Cup of coffee in the morning, break at work, cocktail, finishing a meal, stress, being around other smokers. And under hypnosis we interrupt those patterns and break them and then when they come out of hypnosis they have the image and the impulses of a non-smoker. And they’re able to be around other people and not want to smoke.

Host: That’s really impressive. And on your website, if people go to and they click on the Success Stories tab you see real people and real results and in their own words they’re talking about how you helped them both stop smoking and lose weight. I’m just going to play a little clip of –this a testimonial from This woman starts out by telling us that she smoked for 30 years.

Testimonial: "I haven’t smoked since. I am now a non-smoker and happy to be. The hypnosis worked great for me. I tried every other thing. The patch, the pill. The hypnosis is the only thing that worked for me and I highly recommend being hypnotized."

Host: These are real words, real people there on your website Mark. And you’ve got a lot of them. I mean, you’ve been doing this for quite while and it must feel good to know that you’ve made such an impact on the lives of people.

Mark: Yeah. I’ve been doing this now for 19 years and is the most motivating and inspiring thing when you get somebody who is either lost weight or has stopped smoking after struggling year after year with this. We get testimonials literally every day we get testimonials in this thing. So, it definitely works. I mean, hypnosis like I said number two most effective clinically studied proven method to become a non-smoker. So, it does work, no doubt. And the key and secret is you just got to be sick of smoking, got to want to live a healthier lifestyle. And even if you aren’t even sure you can be hypnotized come to our program with an open mind. And imagine what your life would be like if all the money you save on cigarettes, the example you’re going to be to your kids, your grand kids as a non-smoker. They’re rooting you on and I know you hated the fact that you even started this, but we’re going to not even focus on that, we’re going to not even focus on that. We’re going to focus on that night and working towards the present and a future as a non-smoker. All positive.

Host: Mark Patrick of Mark Patrick Seminars will be at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Tuesday, February 9th, Senator Inn Spa on Western Avenue in Augusta, Wednesday, February 10th and the Hilton Garden Inn, 250 Haskell Road in Bangor, Thursday, February 11th. These sessions are guaranteed. If you’re not happy you get your money back.

Let’s talk about weight loss Mark. When it comes to losing weight really we are our own worst enemy. It’s so easy for us to talk ourselves out of going to the gym and talk ourselves into you know, getting that big pizza or having a cookie or whatever it is. Through hypnosis do you help people stay on track with their weight loss program?

Mark: Let me show you how hypnosis works for weight loss. And you nailed it. Our self-talk. Self-talk is self-hypnosis. Our self-talk whether it is negative –but, if you come to our seminar or not, if you just take this bit of information and whether your self-talk is positive or negative it all stems from your internal image or snapshot of our self. So, if you have an image of yourself that you’ve grown up with of an overweight person that hates exercise, that is not motivated, that is lazy, that is a couch potato, carboholic. I can go on and on and on. And you reinforce that with your self-talk and then you try to go on a diet, what happens? You’re going against your internal program or your image, it’s all struggles, it always feels like you have to think about every calorie, every bit of food. And people get so stressed out by that.

So, one of the thing we do is simple. When you have a healthy image and that’s what we work on, your snapshot, you attract healthy habits. You don’t have to diet, you don’t have to think about doing things. You’ll actually feel like they’re natural and want to do those. You compound that up over three weeks, four weeks, months, even a year. Next thing you know you start having 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds off or even more. It’s that simple.

Host: These sessions are completely guaranteed. Mark Patrick Seminars returns to Maine Tuesday, February 9th, Samoset Resort in Rockport, Senator Inn Spa, Western Avenue in Augusta, Wednesday, February 10th, the Hilton Garden Inn, 250 Haskell Road in Bangor, Thursday, February 11th. Visit his website. You can register online at or you can register the evening of these sessions. 5:30 for the weight loss seminar, stop smoking seminar starts at 8. And I think you recommend people show up about a half hour early. Is that right Mark?

Mark: Yeah. Get there early. We just about always sell out in these locations. So, I would definitely get there as early as possible. Registration starts 30 minutes prior, so I mean, I wouldn’t be any later than that. Even if you pre-register that guarantees a seat, but sometimes it gets a little bit crazy in these programs. This time of the year especially.

Host: All right. Mark it’s going to be great to have you back in Maine helping people stop smoking, helping people lose weight. Find out more at Always a pleasure to have you on the radio Mark. Thank you.

Mark: Thanks again for having me on.

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