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Host: This is Big 104 FM, the Big Morning Show with Mike Dow. Pleasure to speak to hypnotist Mark Patrick once again who will return to Maine next week, Tuesday, June 9th, the Hilton Garden Inn on the Haskell Road in Bangor. The following night in Augusta, June 10th, the Senator Inn, Western Avenue. That’s next Wednesday.

Helping people lose weight and stop smoking. Two different seminars. Mark Patrick of Good morning, Mark. Great to talk to you again.

Mark: Hey, thanks for having me on again. I appreciate it.

Host: You’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and stop smoking for just $49,99 guaranteed session. Let’s talk about weight loss first. Is something that you know, a lot of people struggle with. Some people would like to lose a lot of weight, some people would like to drop 10, 20, 30 pounds. For people listening right now who fall into either category can your hypnosis seminar help them do that?

Mark: Yeah. Absolutely. And I think the biggest misconception on hypnosis is what you’re going to experience. Hypnosis is the most natural thing. We go into hypnosis every single day of our life when we drive in a car and zone out we go into a “highway hypnosis”, when we go to bed at night our brain goes into a creative state when it shuts down goes into an alpha state. We’re in that state in the morning. So, it’s a very relaxed state of awareness and one of the things we’re going to use is a wonderful tool called hypnosis to cut the learning curve down, to help interrupt patterns and create brand new habits and behaviors.

Everybody who comes to our program has been on a whole bunch of different diets and the might have stumbled forward and got a little bit of results, but then they get off track. How nice would it be to come down to one thing just being able to control your habits subconsciously and that’s one of the things we’re going to do. Even if you don’t even believe in hypnosis, even if you’re the most skeptical person in the world we get those all the time. They are sometimes out best client testimonials.

Host: Well, that’s amazing because I’ve heard that and it must be a myth that a person can’t really be hypnotized if they don’t want to be.

Mark: Well, yeah. It is true. You cannot be hypnotized if you don’t want to. So I mean, if you’re kicking and screaming the whole time and you’re not going to get the results you want, but everybody who comes to our program here is what they do. They come with the willingness to want to live a healthier lifestyle. They’re not even sure if they can be hypnotized. You’re in a hypnosis session, they’re not even sure they are getting hypnotized. At the end we go through some clients, the next thing you know that as crazy as it sound is this is they start doing all these habits that they want to do. And what happens they’re not even aware of it.

Example, they go to a buffet. And I always talk about the buffet example. What’s the biggest problem? People go to a buffet, they overeat, they do it unconsciously. Imagine going to a buffet and when you walk in your eye immediately attracts all the healthy foods. It is not even aware of the unhealthy foods and you immediately fill up after eating just a few bites of food.

You can’t do that on a diet. You can’t do that by consciously concentrating. You can only do that as an automatic subconscious impulse. That’s one of the things we teach in our seminar and we do during hypnosis.

Host: Well, I recently I took a cruise with my fiancée and we both spent a lot of time, too much time at the buffet. I wish I had talked to you before that because I could have used a little guidance in that department. I think I must have gained five pounds in a week.

Mark: Cruises do that very well. But, one of the great things about being on a cruise even though people tend to overeat is you do a lot of walking which tends to burn off a lot of stuff too.

Host: That’s right. Let’s talk about smoking. One of the toughest things for people to quit. Not only because the fact that nicotine is so addictive, but because of the routine habits that people associate with smoking. How do you and your team help break that bond that people have with cigarettes?

Mark: Well, if you’re a smoker right now and you’re listening to this conversation, every smoker will tell you the same thing is this, is they get pleasure from smoking even though they know it’s killing them. So, our program does not focus on scare tactics or telling you how bad it is for you. Every smoker knows that.

What we do is this is, we use a technique called aversion therapy where we take the thought, the taste, the smell of tobacco and make it incredibly repulsive to you. Not at your conscious level, but at your subconscious level. So, here is what happens. We’re going to also break all the triggers that cause you to smoke throughout your day. A cup of coffee, that break at work, that walking out of a building, having stress in your life. And we’re going to break those mental connections along with the aversion therapy technique that we use.

Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to walk out the hypnosis session and you’re not going to want to smoke. You can think about a cigarette, but you’ll sit there and say, “You know, I can smoke right now if I wanted, but I don’t want to smoke.” And that’s the control you’re going to have subconsciously.

And the cool thing about hypnosis, the number one way to stop smoking is a heart attack survivor. And I don’t say that to scare anybody, but the number two clinically most effective way to stop smoking is not patches, drugs or anything else other than hypnosis aversion therapy.

Host: I’m speaking with hypnotist Mark Patrick who returns to Maine next week. Tuesday, June 9th Mark will be at the Hilton Garden Inn on the Haskell Road in Bangor. And the following evening, Wednesday, June 10th, the Senator Inn on Western Avenue.

Each night there will be two different sessions. A weight loss seminar begins at 5:30. Stop smoking seminar at 8 P.M. has all the info and Mark, each one of these seminars is $49.99 guaranteed. How does the guarantee work?

Mark: If you’re not satisfied for any reason whatsoever at the end of the program you could see us, we’ll refund your money back. Same if you’re not satisfied down the road you can come back to any one of our seminars both for your reimbursement. If you have to think about going back to smoking for any reason or if you get stuck on the weight and if you want your money back then.

We don’t give anybody any type of hard time on this. We have a great customer service team in place. I’ve been doing this for 19 years. We’re out there looking to just get people in control over their habits and behaviors.

Host: That’s awesome.

Mark: All I ask for you if you’re going to come down, just come down with an open mind wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

Host: People have nothing to lose. has all the info that you need. Mark Patrick, thank you once again. It’s a pleasure to talk to you. You’ve helped thousands of people lose weight and stop smoking. You know, you’ve changed lives.

Mark: Tell you what. I’ve been doing this forever and I never ever get tired of listening to testimonials. It is the most motivating thing. Every day you get up and you hear something new it just really –you talk about something that becomes incredibly addictive. That’s incredibly addictive. So, we’re very pleased to be in this business for so long.

Host: Awesome. Well, thank you again Mark and pleasure to talk to you.

Mark: Thanks for having me on again.

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