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Host: Big 104 FM. This is the Big Morning show with Mike Dow at 104.3, 104.7, 107.7. If you’ve been looking to stop smoking, lose weight or both you’re in luck because next week Mark Patrick Seminars returns to town over two nights, four different session, $49.99 guaranteed each session to help you to stop smoking, lose weight or both.

Mark Patrick is with me now. Mark, good morning. Welcome back.

Mark: Good morning. Thanks again for having me on.

Host: But it’s going to be great to have you in Maine next week. You’ll be at the Four Points by Sheraton at the Bangor airport Tuesday, October 6th and then the next day it’s the Best Western Main Street in Waterville, Wednesday, October 7th. Our listeners have nothing to lose because these sessions are absolutely guaranteed and people can find out all about it at your website

So, through hypnosis you’ll people harness the willpower to stop smoking or lose weight. Let’s start with the weight loss. People who diet often have a difficult time sticking to a plan. How can hypnosis help people stay on track?

Mark: Well, let’s talk about how our brain works a little bit and let’s talk especially about weight loss. We have an image for us that has been shaped since we’ve been children and that internal image or what’s just called a snapshot is reinforced with our self-talk. Our self-talk is a form of self-hypnosis. So, here’s what happens. We go on a diet. We making conscious changes, healthy changes and we start applying those to our lives and here is what happens. We have the self-talk, an image that go together and they start saying things like this to ourselves, “I’m so unhealthy. I’m not motivated. I’m a couch potato. I’m a carboholic, junk food junkie. I’m lazy. I just –I have no willpower whatsoever.”

And here is what happens. We start going on a diet. We’re making those changes. They’re actually going against the image we’re reinforcing on ourselves. So, that takes us out of our comfort zone which triggers an association in our subconscious which makes us apply the breaks which basically means we don’t follow through.

And that’s why 5% of the people who actually lose weight and keep it off, the other 95% don’t because they don’t understand this. So, how do we help with that? Well, one of the things we’re going to do under hypnosis is this. Is we’re going to have everyone picture and imagine themselves as a slimmer, healthier person applying the behaviors and habits that they want to do in the first place. So, when they come out of hypnosis these behaviors as crazy as it may sound become automatic and you don’t have to concentrate or think about them.

So, that applies to any type of diet somebody’s doing now where they want to be more successful at. And that’s the great thing our program. It can work with anything somebody’s doing right now.

Mark: I’m speaking with Mark Patrick of Mark Patrick Seminars. Returning to Maine next week, Four Point by Sheraton at the Bangor airport, Tuesday, October 6th or the Best Western on Main Street in Waterville, Wednesday, October 7th. Now, there is a reason why you’ve been here several times Mark. Because a lot of people come to these sessions, in the past they have frequently sold out. So, people should not wait. You can go to Mark Patrick Seminars and register right there. Get your tickets online on the website or you could also take a chance and try to get them at the door. Weight loss seminar at 5:30, the stop smoking seminar at 8 o’clock. Four Points by Sheraton in Bangor on Tuesday, Best Western Main Street in Waterville on Wednesday.

So, we’ve all heard the joke Mark that quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it thousands of times, but for a smoker to remain smoke free it’s a huge deal. It’s easier said than done. How can you help people finally kick butts once and for all?

Mark: Well, sure. Let me talk to you right now. If you are a smoker and you’re evaluating coming to our program right now. Here is what happens. You get pleasure from smoking even though you it’s killing you. You see the commercials on TV they talk about this all the time. They have people who are you know, kind of at the end of smoking and they’re you know, missing a lung or fingers or this or something really negative. And to me those commercials, I’m not a big fan of them. They only make smokers stressed out and smoke even more.

So, here is what we do. Under hypnosis we’re going to take a smoker through all the scenes that they smoke. Cup of coffee in the morning, break at work, walking out of that building and smoking, having stress, being stuck in traffic, finishing a meal, cocktail if you drink and you smoke. And we’re going to break those mental connections under hypnosis. Put you back in there under hypnosis as a healthy, non-smoker with the image, the thoughts, the impulses of a healthy non-smoker. Then we’re going to use a little technique for about 35% of my audience needs aversion therapy. We make the taste, the smell and everything involved around smoking incredibly repulsive to you, both consciously and subconsciously.

So now, here’s what happens when you come out of hypnosis you now have the image, the thought patterns, the impulses, the behaviors of a healthy non-smoker and just like any other non-smoker you don’t think about smoking cigarettes in those situations. It’s that simple.

Host: You’ve helped a lot people quit smoking and lose weight and there are testimonial, video testimonial from these people. So, you can hear them in their own words talking about how they are now smoke free and how they have lost weight with help from Mark Patrick Seminars. You know, it’s not like you paid those people to do it, they’re just giving their testimony of how they were helped by this program and how you can too.

Mark: Oh, yes.

Host: It’s Mark Patrick Seminars in Bangor Tuesday, October 6th. In Waterville Wednesday, October 7th. Bangor, Four Points by Sheraton at the Bangor airport. In Waterville at the Best Western Main Street in Waterville. And these are guaranteed sessions, right Mark?

Mark: Yes.

Host: $49.99 each guaranteed.

Mark: If you’re not satisfied for any reason you will get your money back on the spot if you want to. And the key thing is even if you’re not even sure if you can be hypnotized because most people aren’t, just come with an open mind wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and we’ll show you how to harness the most powerful muscle in your body which is your mind.

Host: Awesome. Mark Patrick of Great to talk to you Mark as always. Thank you.

Mark: Thank you.

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