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HOST: This is BIG 104 FM at the BIG Morning Show with Mike Dow. Great to have Mark Patrick back with us. Mark Patrick Seminars is returning to Maine February 6th, 7th, and 8th. First stop will be the Senator Inn & Spa, Western Avenue in Augusta. And that will be on Monday, February 6th. Then the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Tuesday, February 7th. The Hilton Garden Inn, 250 Haskell Road in Bangor, Wednesday, February 8th.

You have nothing to lose, it is guaranteed. $49.99. If you’re not happy, you get your money back. All you have to do is show up. The weight loss seminar at 5:30, stop smoking seminar at 8 P.M.

Mark, I want to talk to you, this time about losing weight. I’ve over the past few months I’ve put on a few pounds and I used to be very overweight, I lost—I don’t know, 140 pounds I guess total. And over the past six months a little bit of it has started to creep back and I’m a little nervous about that. Why do we have so much trouble losing weight?

MARK: I think it has to do with one word, something called our image—actually two words, our identity of ourselves. See, a lot of people go on diets with all the best intentions and weight loss being the number one resolution everybody does each and every year, but only 5% are successful. So, what we’ve done over the last 20 years is we’ve studied what works and what doesn’t work. And here’s what works.

When you change the image or a snapshot of yourself. We have a self-talk. If you feel like overweight you subconscious is we have an image of ourselves of who we are and what we’re capable of and not capable of. Our beliefs and our impulses are all tied into that. And so, what happens is we go on a diet, but we have a self-talk that says, “Oh, I hate exercise. I’m not motivated. I’m lazy, I’m a couch potato. I’m a carboholic. I’m a junk food addict.” What we’re doing is in essence hypnotizing ourselves to be unhealthy. When we go on these diets we make changes. There’s changes even though they’re healthy they’re going against our image.

So, what happens is that is a pain association is very crazy but it’s the most strongest trait to have as a human, to be consistent with your image even if it kills you. We put on the breaks, we gain the weight back.

We focus under hypnosis on bypassing your conscious, your willpower part of your brain and put a new image in under hypnosis. For example, once people worry about going out to eat, or buffets. Yeah, buffet has healthy foods, it has unhealthy foods. What if you did have to count calories? What if you didn’t have to do points or think about your portion sizes and you were able to go out and only see healthy foods?

Only crave those. Eat small portions, fill up quickly, and do this over a few weeks in a few months and a few years. And if you did it forever, what happens is you’re not gaining weight back, you’re going to lose it very quickly, you’re going to stabilize your blood sugar, you’re going to crave healthier foods in conjunction with that and you kind of get this thing steamrolling. So, once it starts picking up speed, you now build up your acceptance level. Before you know it you’re a healthy, fit fat burning machine.

HOST: I like that. Last time you were with us Mark, we were talking a little bit about the hypnosis process and I was a little concerned you know, about—because I’ve seen—we’ve all seen the classic people being hypnotized and they have to bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken. And you put my mind at ease. It isn’t really like that. And you actually told me that I’ve been probably hypnotized many times without realizing it.

MARK: Yeah, we are hypnotized our entire life. First of all, advertisers understand hypnosis better than anybody. Its all just conditioning. They use repetition in the form of commercials, they use slogans that associate massive pleasure to that. But you know, any time we’re driving our car it’s a form of hypnosis. If you zone out after 50 miles driving and it felt like five minutes, you just went into highway hypnosis.

So, you are able to get hypnotized. You go to bed at night, you wake up the next morning before you’re fully conscious you’re kind of in that semi-state of consciousness. It’s not called a hypnotic state, but it’s actually the state of brain activity known as an alpha state. Without getting overly technical for your listeners, that’s a hypnotic state. So, you do it all the time. We you just take your right to it, cut to the chase and show you how to get results.

HOST: So, now, the aversion therapy that we will learn if we’re under hypnosis at Mark Patrick Seminars, will that stay with us, Mark? I mean, will it still work six months from now and keep me from eating and entire pound cake?

MARK: Absolutely. When you use aversion therapy here’s how it works. And we don’t use it really for weight loss, we only use it for smoking. With weight loss, it’s all focused on the positives, but that’s okay.

HOST: Okay.

MARK: We just found that it gives higher success rates after doing this for 12 years. But the way aversion therapy works—everybody who’s listening right now, you’re probably eating a food. And let’s say you bit into a sandwich of something and it has a hair in it and you pull the hair out of your mouth and start to feel pretty grossed out about that. Or you got sick after eating something. What happens is at that point you don’t ever want that food again or for a very long period of time you can’t even think about that food. And that’s how aversion therapy does work. It is very, very, very effective for very difficult carving cases.

HOST: Have you heard from people Mark over the years? And you’ve been doing this for two decades. Have you heard from people whose lives have been revolutionized, you know, in terms of their health being so positively impacted that you know, they actually have a future to look forward to?

MARK: It’s amazing. I mean, just in 2016 we've had seminar success stories. And I don’t want to paint these huge stories because I know some people listening right now can’t even think about or get their mind scoped on losing 70, 80, 90, or 100 pounds, but we’ve had people who have gone from—and even doctors who have gone from being bagel junkies as they said, to running a marathon for the first time in their life. Which kicks my butt because I’ve never done a marathon. And that’s amazing as a transformation. Did it take them a year to get their level of belief up? Yeah. But what they started out is just losing a few pounds, felt good about that, confidence got a little better, self-esteem increased. And that’s what the big secret is that what I call chunking - you get a little bit, you feel a little better, your confidence builds up, your level of acceptance goes up. And that’s how you build momentum and that’s how you get success.

HOST: Mark Patrick Seminars. Let Mark help you take control of your life, lose weight. Here are the dates once again and locations. The first stop will be the Senator Inn & Spa, Western Avenue in Augusta, Monday, February 6th. The Samoset Resort in Rockport, Tuesday, February 7th. Hilton Garden Inn, 250 Haskell Road in Bangor, Wednesday, February 8th. You have nothing to lose. It’s guaranteed. $49.99. All you have to do is show up. Weight loss seminar at 5:30, stop smoking seminar at 8 P.M.

Check out those testimonials. People in their own words. They’re not reading a sheet of paper that was placed in their hand. These are people who have been through it and who have been helped by Mark Patrick Seminars and they’re telling you about it in their own words.

Mark, always a pleasure. Great to have you back. It will be wonderful to have you back in--

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