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Host: Big 104 FM. This is the Big Morning show with Mike Dow and my special guest, a man who will be visiting Bangor next week, Tuesday, October 14th at the Hilton Garden Inn on the Haskell Road, it’s Mark Patrick of Mark Patrick Hypnosis Seminars.

He’s going to be in town helping people quit smoking and lose weight with two different seminars. Good morning, Mark.

Mark: Thanks for having me on.

Host: So, tell me a little bit about how hypnosis works. I’ve always been interested in it, but I’ve never actually been hypnotized.

Mark: Well, I think people’s biggest misconception on hypnosis is what they see on TV where they see people barking and clucking and doing crazy silly things. We actually go into hypnosis every single day of our life. A lot of times we don’t even realize that. Let me give you an example. Every time you drive in your car for a long distance and you zone out, you don’t remember the last 40, 50, 60, 70 miles and it felt like it was just a few minutes, it went by like a blink of the eye. That’s “Highway hypnosis”. When you read and you’re stuck on a chapter or a page and all of a sudden you start to daydream off and you say to yourself, “I have no idea what I was just reading.” That’s a alpha state of brain activity that we enter into which is a light state of hypnosis. We go into that state every night before we go to bed and every morning before we would wake up more fully conscious we’re in that state.

So, something that we actually do all the time. So, if you want to know how it feels and everybody does, it’s kind of a light state of awareness and relaxation at the same time.

Host: The weight loss seminar next Tuesday is scheduled from 5:30 until 7:30. The stop smoking seminar, Tuesday the 14th from 8 to 10 P.M. and it’s $49.99 per seminar. Through hypnosis you’ll be able to help people do either, right? Los weight or quit smoking.

Mark: Yeah. Let me talk about smoking for a second. If you’re a smoker right now and you’re listening to this. Every smoker will tell you this that they love to smoke even though they know it’s killing them. And here’s what happened. Once upon a time before they became a smoker a lot of people don’t realize this, smokers were hypnotized to smoke. Not with a watch or anything like that, but through a series of associations and events that actually took place in their life. Most smokers grew up around other smokers their whole life. So, that was something that became a part of their environment.

Also, a lot of smokers when –their first experience with a cigarette was a candy cigarette. Now, if you remember back the candy cigarettes here is what we did. We had to smoke them. They had powder sugar on the outside. As a child that is the first experience. And we ate it, pure sugar. So, the first association with that cigarette was incredibly pleasurable.

Now, at that point they’re already psychologically smokers. The third experience was the physical act of smoking. And just about every smoker will tell you this, the first time they smoked they coughed, the got light headed, maybe a little bit dizzy, they might have even got nauseous or sick. So, where the heck the pleasure come from? It’s the first actual experience was painful, the act of smoking was incredibly sneaky or adult like to them at that time. And there is where the pleasure came from.

Then what happens is they internalized they were going to become smokers and then the next thing you know 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years had gone by. All we’re going to do with hypnosis is this is we’re going to put you guys back into a nice relaxed state. We’re going to put them in all the scenes that they smoke right now. That first cup of coffee and the cigarette in the morning, a break at work, stress, maybe driving your car and smoking. If you have a cocktail and you smoke, finishing a meal. We’re going to put you back into those scenes where you smoke. We’re going to break those mental connections. Then we’re going to put you back into those scenes as a healthy non-smoker and we’re going to associate all the pleasurable behaviors and an image of yourself as a non-smoker.

Now when you come out of hypnosis here is what happens. You’re going to have the habits, the beliefs, the behaviors of a healthy non-smoker once upon a time that was there before you ever smoked your first cigarette which is going to get you back to those stored memories. Now you’re around other smokers, you’re around all those scenes, you could still have that cup of coffee of occasional cocktail if that’s what you want to do, but the great part is this you’ll be at full control and you won’t want to smoke a cigarette. It's that simple.

Host: Now, will people who attend your seminars mark, know immediately if the hypnosis worked?

Mark: Yeah. One of the things we do is this. We spend a great deal of time prepping them. We are going to after they hypnosis session go through anywhere from six to eight to ten subtle signs. If you get a couple of those signs typically you’ve got a good hypnosis session, you should get some results with it.

Host: All right. If you want to lose weight or quit smoking attend one of Mark Patrick seminars coming up Tuesday, October 14th. Next Tuesday it’s  one evening only in Bangor 5:30 to 7:30 for the weight loss seminar, the stop smoking seminar from 8 to 10 P.M. Registration for these seminars begins one half hour before the seminar and you really should get there early to register and seating will be limited.

All right. Mark Patrick it’s great to talk to you. If people want to find out more they can visit your website.

Mark: Absolutely. If you go to, that’s Mark Patrick Seminars with an S, dot com you could find out a whole bunch of information and get everything down pat so you can get this thing rocking and rolling once and for all.

Host: Excellent. The weight loss seminar, $49.99 and the same for the stop smoking seminar, $49.99. That’s coming up next Tuesday at the Hilton Garden Inn, Haskell Road in Bangor. Mark, thank you so much. It was great to talk to you.

Mark: Thanks for having me on.

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