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Host: I know you've heard the advertisements and we've been running them on Cromwell radio, Effingham and talking about you know, weight loss and talking about stop smoking. And so many people make these weight loss and stop smoking as a resolution and then it just goes right out the window. Falls apart. They can’t live up to it, they can’t do it, they don’t have enough willpower. And as we say good morning to Mark Patrick, how are you?

Mark: Good morning. Thanks for having me on.

Host: Hey, thanks for being on. Now, you’re coming to town with a Mark Patrick Seminar and you’re going to be doing two seminars here on Friday at the Hampton Inn & Suites, 5:30 and 8 o’clock. Now, you got a weight loss and a stop smoking. Now, tell me Mark about what it is –you know, a lot of times people say, they hear this advertisement, they say, “Oh, this is just too good to be true. It doesn’t work.” Tell me, does it work?

Mark: Absolutely. And you nailed it. Right now the number one and number two resolution are losing weight and stopping smoking. And typically by this time of the year those resolutions have kind of fallen by the wayside so to speak. So, let’s show everybody how listening to this interview how they can get these resolutions back on track again.

We do a hypnosis seminar to lose weight and stop smoking. And most peoples’ perception of hypnosis we got to talk about first and foremost, is the barking and the clucking, the doing crazy, silly things in a stage hypnosis show. Most people aren’t even sure if that’s real or if that can actually be done to them. That’s the image we have stored, but here’s how hypnosis works. It’s so easy to get hypnotized because we do it every day. We don’t call it hypnosis.

You’re driving your car for a long distance, you zone out. The last 30, 40 miles goes by like the blink of the eyes. You hypnotize yourself into a state, an alpha state. When you go to bed at night right before you fall asleep you go into a hypnotic state. When you wake up in the morning it’s an alpha hypnotic state of brain activity. So, what we do is we get people back into those states so they can have a subconscious mind that is like a sponge and what we’re going to do is start working on all the behaviors they want to do in the first place consciously so it becomes automatic instead of having to use willpower which is a conscious driven behavior.

Host: Now, that’s fantastic. Now, you have two different seminars when you do these and you’ve got one coming up on Friday at the Hampton Inn & Suites. You do the 5:30 and this is the weight loss one. So, tell me something. Did you get all these people in the room together and you hypnotized the whole room at once or do you do it individually?

Mark: Absolutely. Because we’re working you know, with our eyes close during the hypnosis session. Everybody’s going to be using their imagination along with the hypnotherapist taking them through everything. It’s how hypnosis works. And you could do a group whether it’s one on one or a group you get the same results. It’s all you know, working on your own internal snapshot or image is what we do.

Host: Can you make them stop smoking forever? I mean, do you just put this mental thought into their brainwave that makes them want to quit or does it make them stop forever?

Mark: Here is the way it works. We get pleasure from smoking even though we know it’s killing us.

Host: Okay.

Mark: Under hypnosis here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to break all those connections throughout the day that they smoke. Cup of coffee in the morning, break at work, walking out of a building, being around other smokers, stress, stuck in traffic, finishing a meal. And under hypnosis we’re going to put them back into those scenes as a healthy nonsmoker so they’re able to be in control. Then, the second thing we’re going to do is this, is we’re going to change the internal snapshot or an image from that of a smoker who automatically attracts smoker behaviors and habits now to that of a nonsmoker, the image attracting the nonsmoker behaviors and habits. And they will come out of hypnosis they’re going to be able in control, not want to smoke. Most of them say, “You know, I could smoke right now if I wanted to, but I don’t want to smoke anymore.” And it’s that kind of belief system.

If you think about it, all other nonsmokers they don’t have to use willpower when they’re around other smokers. They just don’t smoke.

Host: Right. Exactly. So, there you go.

Mark: And that’s the same process, yeah.

Host: And does it work the same with the weight loss too?

Mark: It’s all about image. If you had me share this in 10 seconds, image. Whatever your image is you attract the habits of that image. A lot of people go on diets and they have non-healthy image and that unhealthy self-talk and then they end up gaining all the weight back. So, if you have a healthy snapshot you’re going to look for positive things to do and you’ll stay on track. It’s that simple.

Host: Mark, this sounds fantastic. And I know you’ve got a lot of success stories. How can people find out some more information about this? And more importantly, how can they come out and check out the seminar? Maybe they’ve had a little bit of disbelief about this and I think they really ought give it an opportunity. How can they sign up for it?

Mark: They can go to Mark Patrick Seminars. That’s Mark Patrick Seminars with an s dot com. You could pre-register online or you could just show up 30 minutes prior to our sessions. We do a weight loss session at 5:30 to 7:30 and then our stop smoking session is 8 to 10 P.M.

Host: That’s fantastic. And that’s all coming up this Friday in Effingham at the Hampton Inn & Suites. Hey, thanks for talking with us. Is there anything you can’t hypnotize somebody into doing?

Mark: Absolutely. You cannot hypnotize somebody to do anything they wouldn’t want to consciously do. You can’t make somebody under hypnosis do something harmful.

Host: Gotcha.

Mark: There is this kind of mechanism in our brain, but you know, if you’re a little skeptical come down. You know, our best clients—

Host: Can you help somebody get wealthier by hypnotist?

PATRICK: Absolutely. You’re going to attract wealth. It’s all the imagery that we have and erasing the negative patterns is all what we do.

HOST: I’m in. It’s Hey, thanks a bunch for talking with us. I appreciate it.

Mark: Yeah. Absolutely. Thanks for having me on.

Host: Thank you.

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