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Host: Okay. We've got hypnotist Mark Patrick on with us. We also have TY, the night guy and we have a woman Bridget from Erie. Now, TY and Bridget are both success stories from Mark Patrick Seminars. So, let's start first with TY. You stopped smoking, right?

TY: Back in October, the last time Mark Patrick was in town I took the stop smoking class and I've been a non-smoker since October.

Host: And we can verify that becuase we don't see you going outside anymore. Right?

Host: Yeah, yeah. You know, yeah, we keep track of all the smokers here and TY's not one of they anymore.

Host: And then Bridget. Bridget, where do you work at if you don't mind saying?

Bridget: Erie Insurance.

Host: Oh, really? I bet your co-workers are pretty impressed with all the weight you lost. How much have you lost now?

Bridget: I've lost a total of 83 pounds.

Host: Holy cow!

Host: That's very impressive. Bridget, I've seen your pictures. I'm going to post it on our Facebook if you don't mind. So, how did you feel about the lose weight seminar?

Bridget: When a friend of mine actually said, “Hey, I think you should try this hypnotist.” And I was skeptical. I didn’t think you know, anything of it, but I really does change the way you think about losing weight. It’s more than just a diet. It’s more than something you have to follow. I think it really changes how you view –how you want you to be.

Host: Okay. Mark, let me ask you this. I’m sure a lot of people hear the ads or who are even listening to this might still be skeptical. How do you convince them to give it a shot?

Mark: It’s okay to be skeptical. I would say 50% of our audience is skeptical about it even working for them and here’s what I’ve found that sometimes if you’re a little bit skeptical you are an analytical personality. Teachers, people in law enforcement, engineers. You have a little bit higher internal skeptic. You’re actually our best client. We actually teach you how to get a good hypnosis session so you can get some results with this.

Host: Wow! Now, TY you had mentioned to me before that he talked to you before you went in it and he just said to have an open mind.

TY: Yeah. The first part of it was just about being open minded and you need to want this for yourself. Otherwise this isn’t going to work. I mean, you have to want to stop smoking or you have to want to lose weight in order to be prepared for what you’re going to do. Now, I don’t cluck like a chicken or anything late at night, but-

Host: That you know of.

TY: It works. I tried everything and this honestly had worked.

Host: Okay. And Bridget, I want to go back to you because you said a girlfriend of yours talked you into it. Did she go see Mark before?

Bridget: Actually, she –one of our other co-workers had gone and she had success and she said, “You know, he’s coming to town. Why don’t you just try it.” And I was like, “Okay. You know, what could it do me? It’ll make me lose weight.” And the same thing I agree with TY, you have to be at the place where you want to lose weight, where you want it to happen and you want to stop smoking. I think that’s the key.

Host: Okay. Well, two success stories right here in Erie. Mark, that’s awesome. And you’re coming to town on January 28th. Right?

Mark: We’ll be there. Can’t wait.

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