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HOST: All the greatest hits, 98.7 FM. Silk here with you and on the phone line with me, Mark Partick, hypnotist. Hi, Mark, how are you?

MARK: Very good. Thanks for having me on.

HOST: Yeah. You're very welcome. I know we spoke last year or the year before. I'm not sure when it was exactly. I think every year you come around and you help people kick the habit of smoking and lose weight.

MARK: Yes. Those are the number one and number two resolutions each and every year. So, what we do with our program is we use hypnosis as the tool to help them across the finish line. And it seems to get some good effect and it really works.

HOST: And indeed. You're going to be next Tuesday, the 16th of February, you'll be at the Holiday Inn, Rolling Meadows Drive in Fond Du Lac. Registration is at five and then the session, it's a two-hour session from 5:30 to 7:30, right?

MARK: Yes. That's for the weight loss.

HOST: How does it work? Do folks—I mean, give me an idea if I wanted to come in and through hypnosis let's say I wanted to lose some weight, how does it work?

MARK: Well, let's talk a little bit about hypnosis first and foremost because I think most people's perception, imagery of hypnosis is stage hypnosis where people bark and cluck and do crazy silly things. This hypnosis state is a natural state of creativity. As a matter of fact, it's so easy to get hypnotized we do it every day. Every day when we drive in our car when we zone out, go for a long drive where we don't remember the last 30, 40, 50 miles goes by like the blink of the eyes. We go into a highly hypnosis state when we read and we daydream off that is a light hypnotic state. Every night before we go to bed we also go into an alpha state of brain activity without getting overly technical to hypnotic state.

So, if you want to know how it feels, it's kind of a relaxed state of awareness. And all we do with our programs is we get people back into these states so they can start working on the habits that they want to correct in the first place consciously, which happens to be with our programs becoming a healthier person and losing weight and becoming a life long non-smoker.

HOST: Wow. Terrific. So, this coming Tuesday February the 16th, Fond Du Lac Holiday Inn on Rollings Meadow Drive. There are two sessions. The first session from 5:30 to 7:30 is that the weight loss? That's the weight loss session, right?

MARK: Yes. That's the weight loss is the first session.

HOST: And then the stop smoking hypnosis seminar, that goes from 8 until 10 P.M. the same night.

MARK: That's correct.

HOST: Could people do both?

MARK: The people that do do both it's an overall health makeover. Absolutely.

HOST: Wow. Terrific. And you just show up. You just show up and you can pay there right there when you get there, correct?

MARK: Yeah. We have people show up 30 minutes prior to the session. The cost is $49.99. We take all forms of payment or you can register online, pre-register at That's Mark Patrick Seminars dot com. And the key thing is this, is you were kind of leading into what the heck works differently with your programs. And here is the missing element that every diet and every person misses when they try becoming a non-smoker. We have an image of ourselves. And that internal snapshot attracts habits in line with it and repels habits that are not in line with it.

Under hypnosis what we're going to do for smokers is we're going to create over scenes that they smoke. Then we're going to instill this subconscious image of themselves as a non-smoker. So, here's what happens. After they come out of hypnosis they're going to be around other smokers and not want to smoke, not want to think about cigarettes. They can have a cup of coffee and not want to smoke. And they'll have the image of a non-smoker. And what happens non-smokers don't think about smoking or wanting to smoke or crave cigarettes or need to use willpower whatsoever. They're in full control.

And with the weight we work on a healthy slim image so you attract the healthy habits and the healthy self-talk that goes along with that. And that's the key thing that people miss all the time as one of the things that make us totally different than everything else out there. And we just hypnosis to be the tool to help them get those new images.

HOST: Terrific. Hypnotist Mark Patrick, his two seminars this Tuesday, February the 16th at the Holiday Inn in Fond Du Lac. The first session is the weight loss hypnosis seminar, registration at 5. The seminar goes from 5:30 till 7:30 and then the second session is the stop smoking seminar. And that registration is at 7:30 and the seminar goes from 8 until 10 P.M. Again, it's this coming Tuesday, the 16th of February. Hypnotist Mark Patrick, thank you so much for your time and we look forward to it next Tuesday.

MARK: Thanks for having me on.

HOST: All right. Thanks, Mark. Bye-bye. Hypnotist Mark Patrick. More of the greatest hits coming up on the GREAT 98.

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