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HOST: News Talk 980, WXLM. It's Jodie. And we are on the line with Mark Patrick. And this is exciting Mark because you are coming to the area this weekend, this Saturday. You're going to be at the Hilton, which is on the Gold Star Highway in Groton and you do hypnosis for weight loss and also hypnosis for smoking.

MARK: That's correct. And thanks for having me on.

HOST: Oh, my pleasure. Now, so there's two different seminars. The weight loss seminar is from 10 until noon, so it's two-hour seminar?

MARK: It's a two-hour session, yes.

HOST: Okay.

MARK: Each one of them are two hours.

HOST: And registration starts at 9:30. And then the second seminar is hypnosis for quitting smoking. That is tough. I mean, I know people have tried all sorts of things. So, you have good luck with the smoking?

MARK: We have incredible luck with smoking, incredible success. I mean, we've been doing this now for 20 years. When you hear that all the things that can go wrong and we teach them in the seminar and we use the most powerful muscle in our body which is our brain to use hypnosis to get control. And it comes down to this. First of all, let's just talk about hypnosis if we can. Most people's perception of hypnosis, barking, clucking, running around. We go into hypnosis every day of our life. This is why hypnosis is so easy for a person to do. Every time you drive in your car and you zone out you go into a highway hypnosis. Every night before you go to bed before your brain shuts down it goes into a state of activity called an alpha state. You're in that state in the morning. It's a hypnotic state. That's when the brain absorbs information like a sponge.

So, what we do under hypnosis is get people back into those states so that they can start becoming receptive to the information subconsciously and start working on some of the habits they want to. Everybody wants to lose weight, everybody wants to live a healthier lifestyle, become non-smokers, but they're using willpower instead of using a belief or a habit that's a thousand times more powerful than willpower.

HOST: If you're looking to quit smoking or to lose weight try this seminar with Mark on Saturday. It's at the Hilton Gold Star Highway in Groton. Registration for weight loss seminar is at 9:30 and then the quit smoking seminar registration is at 12:30 and they're two-hour seminars. Now, Mark, people can pre-register on your website?

MARK: Yeah. I encourage to go to the website Mark Patrick Seminars, with an s, Mark Patrick Seminars dot com. You could pre-register. We give you a couple little free gifts if you pre-register. It allows us to manage the room a little bit better and crowd sizes. If you don't want to register you could show up at the door 30 minutes prior to the session.

HOST: This Saturday at the Hilton Gold Star Highway in Groton with Mark Patrick. Mark, thank you so much for being on the line with us today. Very interesting. It was great having you on as a guest. And good luck this Saturday. I'm sure you'll have great success with all our listeners here at WXLM.

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