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Host: Kimberly Allen. I have got the joy of having Mark Patrick with me. For those of you who are listeners of ours I know you’ve heard about the seminars that are going to be coming Wednesday, July the 15th, the Hopkinsville area. Comfort Suites, Harvey Way, Hopkinsville.

We’re going to find out a little bit more though from Mark about what the seminars kind of are all about. A lot of people always have questions. Mark I’m sure you get that all the time, but you’re doing two different seminars. Let’s talk a little bit about the first one. It’s going to be from 5:30 to 7:30. It’s your weight loss seminar.

Mark: Yes, that’s correct. And thanks for having me on.

Host: Oh, yes.

Mark: The first thing I want to cover how hypnosis works.

Host: Yes.

Mark: Whether you’re coming to a Weight Loss or Stop Smoking. I think most people’s perception of hypnosis is what we see on TV or in a stage hypnosis show where you see people barking, clucking, doing crazy silly things. Most people aren’t even sure if that’s real or not. It is real. That’s called stage hypnosis. We actually –let me show you how simple hypnosis is to get into.

We actually do it every day of our life. We don’t call hypnosis, but it is a state of hypnosis. Every time you drive in your car for long distance and you zone out, that you don’t remember the last 30, 40, 50 miles, it went by like a blink of the eye. That’s as they call, “Highway hypnosis”. Every night before you go to bed your brain shuts down, enters into alpha state of brain activity. It’s what cases a hypnotic state.

You’re in that state in the morning before you’re fully conscious. So, it’s something we do all the time. So, all we do in our program is get people back into those states so they could start correcting some of the habits they want to in the first place whether it’s weight loss or becoming a non-smoker. It’s that simple.

When it comes to weight loss when most people go on diets and 95% of the people that go on a diet end up gaining all the weight back and it comes down to a couple of simple things that we teach and we reinforce with hypnosis in our program. And it comes down to one simple thing our internal snapshot or view of our self. And let me get an example. If we have an internal snapshot that’s been shaped for us as we’ve been growing up and we have this internal image of being overweight and we actually reinforce –we could tell what our snapshot is with our self-talk. So, here’s what happens. We go on a diet, but now we have this little internal chatter of self-talk that’s telling us this, “You know, I hate exercise. I’m not motivated. I’m lazy. I’m a couch potato. I’m a carboholic. I’m a junk food addict. I’m a pot addict.”

And here’s what happens. We go on a diet, we start losing some weight and getting some results and inching forward. And all of a sudden we gain all the weight back. Why? Because all those behaviors are taking us against our image of our self. So, it’s sending all these kind of emergency signals, fear, doubting.

Host: Yes.

Mark: So, one of the things we do during hypnosis especially for weight loss is this. Because under hypnosis we get everybody visualizing themselves six months from the day of the seminar as a slimmer, healthier person who is already doing these behaviors in hindsight. Now, when they come out of hypnosis –I’ll give you an example, a real life example some face one of the biggest problems.

Now, instead of going to buffets fearing to overeat here is what happens. Imagine going to a buffet focusing only the healthy, not even aware of the unhealthy foods because they are below your awareness level eating smaller portions and doing this subconsciously without even concentrating on it. And that’s one of the things we do if you were in our weight loss session.

Host: You’re more or less kind of like, not reprogramming, but helping them to make those subconscious decisions on their own.

Mark: We work on an internal snapshot or image. If your image is that of a slim, healthy person you’re going to attract slim, healthy person habits. When healthy people eat unhealthy foods, but when they get off track they get back on track for the slim, healthy personality.

When a person gets off track, if they have an overweight, obese system they tend to diet and then go back to the overweight belief system. I know it sounds crazy.

Host: Yeah.

Mark: It doesn’t really make rational sense. How is that my internal talk or view of myself going to help me lose weight? Well, it does it automatically. It’s that simple.

Host: Whoa. Now, how do you approach the Stop Smoking because that’s a little bit different.

Mark: Here let me tell a little bit about smoking. If you’re a smoker right now and you’re evaluating whether or not to come to his program here is the deal. Smokers will tell you this. They love to smoke even though they know it’s killing them. And I’m not one to give you this kind of fear and rationale about bad smoking is. Every smoker knows that. What happens is once upon a time they got pleasure from smoking.

So, one of the things we do during the hypnosis session is this is we use the technique, it’s called aversion therapy. And what we do is associate at the subconscious level the thought, the pain, disgust, the smell, the taste of tobacco would become incredibly repulsive to them. The second thing we’re going to do under hypnosis this. We’re going to take all the scenes that you might smoke right now during a day. That cup of coffee in the morning, that break at work. Walking out of the building, having stress, finishing meal. Cocktail. If that’s something you do when you happen you smoke and we’re going to interrupt those patterns and break those mental connections and put you back into the scene under hypnosis as a healthy non-smoker.

Now when you come out of hypnosis here’s what happens. You’ll have the image of a healthy non-smoker, you’ll break all those behaviors and the thought and the taste of tobacco will be incredibly repulsive to you.

Host: Just to kind of give a little testimony. I have a cousin who smoked constantly for 14 years and she’s gone through this program. She no longer smokes, has no cravings for them, does not want them. And she said, “I’m healthier for it.” And she said, “I feel so much better.” And it’s been now about 10 years since that and she’s not had any –not gone back at all. And it just amazes me how that works, but it does make perfectly good sense.

Mark: Well, you know a lot of people know someone like you do who’s gone to a program for hypnosis for stop smoking years ago and they stopped. As a matter of fact, I never disguise the number one way to stop smoking is a heart attack survivor and I don’t say to you to cause any type of stress to appear, but the number two most effective clinically proven way is hypnosis.

Host: Wow.

Mark: And that’s really cool.

Host: Well, we’re excited because you’re going to be in the area next Wednesday, July the 15th. It’s going to be –the Weight Loss seminar is from 5:30 to 7:30. The Stop Smoking is from eight o’clock to ten o’clock. So if you work during the day you can still make these seminars. You can pre-register right now at or and then they can pay that day and –you take all forms of payment for the particular seminars?

Mark: Yes, that’s correct.

Host: And the great thing is maybe you’re struggling a little bit with both. You can actually do both. You can go to one then turn around and go to the other. Have you had people who have done both in one day?

Mark: Absolutely. And it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and your family is an overall health makeover so that you not only stop smoking, but you can get on track to only maintain your weight as a non-smoker, but actually lose weight if that’s what you choose to do.

Host: Exactly. Wonderful Mark. Well, we thank you so much for being with us. Is there anything else that I might have overlooked that we need to kind of make sure that we know about for Wednesdays? Anything in particular they need to bring or anything like that with them?

Mark: No, I just want to touch one thing.

Host: Sure.

Mark: You know, we have a few people that are sometimes skeptical and you know, if you’re a little bit skeptical here is what found and I want to share this with you some of my best clients are the most skeptical people. And typically what I found is that skeptical person is a little bit more of an analytical personality. Sometimes people who are teachers, engineers, people in law enforcement tend to have a highly analytical personality.

One of the things is we do during our program is we teach that type of personality how to get a good session so that they can get some results with this thing. All I ask is this. Come if you want to live a healthier lifestyle with an open mind and we’ll teach you what to do to get this thing rolling for you.

Host: Well, thank you so much, Mark. We sure do appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule. And we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Find out all the details. We’ve got it for you at and

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