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Host: It’s Cool 97 playing the greatest hits of all time and you’ve been hearing us talk a lot about the Mark Patrick seminars lately, coming to the Maple City Inn, Saturday, January, 17th. Two seminars. One for Stop Smoking and one for Weight Loss and on the phone with us now is Mark Patrick himself. Mark, how are you today?

Mark: Great. Thanks for having me on.

Host: We appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Now, right out of the gate. Hypnosis, how do you use it to help folks with weight loss and the stoppage of smoking?

Mark: Well, let’s talk about hypnosis for second. If you’re listening to what we’re talking about right now maybe you’re making New Years resolutions that you really want to follow through on them. Most people’s perception of hypnosis is what they see on TV or a stage hypnosis show. You know, people barking, clucking, losing control, doing crazy silly things. And that’s the sort of image most of us have, but a lot of people don’t realize we go into hypnosis every time we drive, every time we fall asleep, every time we daydream off when we read a book or an article and we forget what we were just reading. Those are all very light states of hypnosis.

So, if you wonder how kind of hypnosis feels, it’s a very light state of relaxation and awareness at the same time. And all we’re going to do is in our program is we’re going to get everybody back into that state so that they can start correcting the habits whether it be a weight loss or becoming a non-smoker under hypnosis.

Host: So, let’s say I’m a smoker and I’m at the seminar and you hypnotize me. What is the process? Is it taking me back with mental images to times when I was a non-smoker for example?

Mark: Well, yeah. Let’s talk about smoking for a second since you brought that up. If you’re a smoker right now and you’re listening to this. Look, smokers will tell you this, they love to smoke even though they know it’s killing them. So, once upon a time many moons ago every smoker through a series of events in your life was conditioned –or if you even want to call it hypnotized, not with a watch, but through events in your life that led you to become a smoker. So, the first thing is this.

Is to not say, you know, “I wish I never started this behavior in the first place.” So, what we’re going to do under hypnosis is we’re going to get you in that relaxed creative state and we’re going to put you back. First thing we’re going to do is put you back in all the scenes right now that you smoke. Think about that. First cup of coffee in the morning. That’s connected to a cigarette. A break at work or walking out of a building, stuck in traffic, finishing the meal. Whatever those scenes may be we’re going to put you actually visualizing yourself in those scenes and then what we’re going to do is break those mental connections, put you back into those scenes under hypnosis and we’re going to have you see yourself as a healthy, confident non-smoker.

Then after we take you out of hypnosis you’re going to be able to be in control. In all those scenes you’re going to think, you’re going to act, you’re going to react the way that all non-smokers do. Once upon a time those memories were there as a non-smoker and we’re going to put you back into that so you be in control and not want to smoke. It’s that simple.

Host: On the phone with us is Mark Patrick from Mark Patrick Seminars coming to Hornell, Saturday, January the 17th with two seminars at the Maple City Inn. Weight loss from 10 A.M. till noon and the stop smoking seminar from 1 till 3. And Mark, from these seminars am I expecting instantaneous results?

Mark: With the smoking you’ll know on the spot. With the weight loss we –you won’t know on the spot necessarily because we’re not walking out necessarily 10, 15, 20 pounds lighter, but we go through at least eight to ten subtle signs. If you get a couple of those signs you got a good hypnosis session you should get some results and all we need you to do even if your skeptical. My best clients are the most skeptical people of all. People in the law enforcement, engineers, teachers, very analytical personalities. They come in with an open mind wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and they follow some simple instructions and we’re going to take care of the rest.

Host: Thirty minutes prior to the seminar start time is when people should be showing up and Mark, please give us the web address so folks can go online and find out more about what’s coming up.

Mark: Absolutely. You go to That’s Mark Patrick Seminars with an an S dot com. You’ll find a lot more information, all the address information. You could register online or just show up at the door. We’ll take care of it. Make it real simple.

Host: Saturday, January 17th at the Maple City Inn in Hornell, 10 A.M. till noon for the weight loss. One to three to stop smoking. Mark, thank you for taking the time to chat with us and stop by. We look forward to having you come into town.

Mark: Thanks for having me on.

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