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HOST: You've heard a lot on the radio the last few days about the Mark Patrick seminar hypnosis coming to Jonesboro this Thursday night dealing with stop smoking, dealing with weight loss. And you may have been thinking, “Well, hey, I wonder how this is going to work?“ We're going to talk to the man who can probably explain it. You may have seen him on NBC or ABC or FOX, been on national television, over 500 000 have seen the Mark Patrick Seminars. And here's the man. Mark Patrick on the show. Hello, Mark.

MARK: Hello. Thanks for having me on.

HOST: Great to have you, man. I mean, this is the first time I think the Mak Patrick Seminars have been to our town. There's been a lot of talk about it over the last couple of weeks as we get closer to Thursday. And over half of million people Mark have been through this process with you.

MARK: Yeah. I've been doing this now for over 20 years, so it's been an incredible ride. So, we're really excited about coming and doing the seminar.

HOST: So, somebody's interested in stop smoking, interested in weight loss, what can they expect when they come to one of your events?

MARK: Well, here's what we're going to do. First of all, the biggest misperception or misconception of hypnosis is you're going to bark and cluck and be out of control. We are in complete control during hypnosis. We need to do hypnosis every day of our lives. Every time you're driving your car you zone out, you don't remember the last 30, 40, 50 miles, you go into a hypnotic state. Every time you read into a book or a chapter or a page and you daydream off you go into a light hypnotic state, before you go to bed you do it, when you wake up in the morning you're in a semi-conscious state. Those are all hypnotic states.

That's where our subconscious mind is open to creativity. So, under hypnosis, we get everybody back into those relaxed states so they could start working on some of the habits that they want to consciously work on in the first place. And the habit of behavior is a thousand times more powerful than willpower. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You don't even have to think about it, you do it automatically.

HOST: Whoa. The habit of behavior works better than willpower, that's interesting because when everybody says, „You know, I can't stop smoking or I just can't lose weight.“ willpower is always the word that comes up, isn't it?

MARK: Yeah, it is. It's the biggest misconception. Let me talk about smoking for a second. Here is what's going on. If you're a smoker right now and you're listening to this interview and you know, contemplating coming to our seminars here's what takes place, you get pleasure from smoking even though you know it's killing you. You know that, I know that. We're not going to focus on negativity like you see those TV commercials do and try to scare you.

They stress you out and make you want to smoke even more. Under hypnosis here's what we're going to do. We're going to go out there and take you to all the scenes you smoke throughout the day. Cup of coffee in the morning, break at work, walked out of the building, stress, finishing a meal, having a cocktail if you drink, and a cigarette. Break those mental connections. Then the second thing we're going to do under hypnosis is this, is we're going to work on your subconscious image of yourself and that right now of a smoker who automatically attracts smoker behaviors, habits and impulses to that of a non-smoker who will automatically attract non-smoker behaviors, belief, patterns and habits automatically.

So, when you come out of hypnosis you'll be able to be in those situations, be completely in control and not want to smoke just like all other non-smokers act when they're around those situations. They don't think about smoking or want to smoke cigarettes. It works that simple.

HOST: Is success rate pretty good in this?

MARK: It's incredibly high. We have I think over 95-96% customer satisfaction rate in our company and we're very proud of that. We work really hard. The key thing is this. Even if you don't know if you can be hypnotized, even if you're skeptical, even if you've done everything in the book to either lose weight or stop smoking, as long as you come with this mentality, „I want to live a healthier lifestyle and I want to give this thing a whirl.“ We're going to show you how to use the strongest muscle in your body, which is your brain to help you get back control over those behaviors you want in the first place.

HOST: And when somebody said to me the other day, said, „You know, I've tried so many different things that cost hundreds of dollars and this is $49.99 for a two-hour seminar.“ I mean, the price is right as they say, Mark.

MARK: Yeah. I mean, you're talking about a week of cigarettes or a meal out with the family. And for that investment in your health. But, here's the best thing, as you start to get healthier habits your children, your grandchildren, they are rooting for you. They will pick up on all these healthy behaviors and they will carry those with them for the rest of their life.

So, not only is this a health benefit to yourself, but indirectly it's a health benefit to all your family members, which is such an incredible investment in your family.

HOST: Yeah. So, put your fears aside, nothing spooky is going to happen.

MARK: No. No barking, no clucking.

HOST: There's no swinging watch involved I don't guess, right?

MARK: No. No swinging watches involved.

HOST: Okay. So,, that' the website. There's videos, there's things you can see to become even more familiar with Mark and what the process is on Thursday. There's also a place you can pre-register. Is there any advantage to pre.registration, Mark?

MARK: Well, we sell out a lot in a lot of locations. Sometimes hotel capacity is not large enough, so we try to find the biggest room so we can. So, I know we have a lot of pre-registration. If you're going to come and walk in just get their early, get there about 30 minutes early prior to the session, or go to our website, Mark Patrick Seminars dot com and pre-register online and that will definitely guarantee a seat to get into this thing.

HOST: You don't have to pre-register though. You can just risk it and come on out and be there.

MARK: Oh, absolutely. You can show up 30 minutes prior to the session. You know, all payments are at the door, we accept all types of payments. And we'll get this thing rocking and rolling once and for all.

HOST: $49.99, Mark Patrick Seminars this Thursday night. The weight loss seminar starts at 5:30 at the Hilton Garden Inn, South Caraway Road, Jonesboro. Stop smoking seminar starts at eight o'clock. Pre-register at Mark, thanks for joining us this morning, okay.

MARK: Thanks for having me on.

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