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HOST: On the telephone with us is Mark Patrick, the hypnotist who has a great success record in helping people quit smoking and lose weight. And you’re coming to our part of the world for one, two, three dates at the start of February. Mark, if someone comes to your seminar, what can they expect?

MARK: Number one, we’re going to work on the weight loss and we’re going to help people become healthy non-smokers.

HOST: Why is it so hard for people to lose weight and quit smoking on their own?

MARK: We need to change the image subconsciously. All of us when you peel away all of the conscious layers, we have an image of ourselves of what we think we can and cannot accomplish, what we deserve and we don’t deserve. Smokers have smoker images, so when they stop smoking what happens is they think about cigarettes the entire time. Or when a person goes on a diet is they have an image of themselves as an unhealthy person, as soon as they go on a diet they’re going against their image and as crazy as it sounds, our brain wants us to do everything in line with our image even if our image is unhealthy.

HOST: So, we really have to break some habits of our own thinking in order to embrace the idea of changing ourselves and hypnosis can help.

MARK: There’s three ways you can change a habit. I tell everybody you can change a habit through conscious repetition, do something over and over again. You can change it through a life changing epiphany moment. The actual number one proven way to become a non-smoker is a heart attack survivor. So, sometimes this crazy painful epiphany moment happens. I don’t suggest that. The other way is through hypnosis and what hypnosis does it just cuts to the chase. It bypasses our conscious part of our brain which is the part of the brain they have to use willpower with and that’s why most people aren’t success. It gets right into the subconscious. The minute you establish the behavior in your subconscious mind your nervous system follow it. In other words, you do it automatically without thinking about it.

HOST: Hypnotist Mark Patrick will be at the Senator Inn in Augusta on Monday, the 6th, at the Samoset Resort in Rockport on Tuesday, the 7th and the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor on Wednesday, the 8th. And you can find out more about Mark Patrick Seminars by going online to

HOST: So many of us start the year trying to lose weight or quit smoking, but it doesn’t seem to work well for many of us, but hypnosis can help according to Mark Patrick, a world-renowned hypnotist who’s on the telephone with us. Some people might be scared of hypnosis, is there anything to be scared about when it comes to hypnosis, Mark?

MARK: Absolutely not. But I think most people’s imagery or stored memories of hypnosis is kind of what they see on TV. Maybe you watched a talk show and you saw people barking and clucking and losing control. Under hypnosis we’re in full control. As a matter of fact, hypnosis is the easiest thing to experience and it’s the most healthy, wonderful experience. You go into it all the time. Every time you drive in your car. If you ever zoned out on a long road and all of a sudden, the last 30, 40, 50 miles went by like a blink of the eyes, you went into highway hypnosis. When you go in bed at night you go into hypnosis. That’s a state of hypnosis. We don’t call it that, but all we do is get people back into those states so they can start working on becoming healthier non-smokers, living a longer life, being an example for their children and their grandchildren, which is something incredibly important and passionate to me. And being able to go out there and get control over their overall health, to lose weight, and be able to potentially keep it off.

HOST: And you’ve shown people that haven’t even come to your seminars the success with those testimonials that we see at your website

MARK: People who become successful here’s the secret. If you’re a skeptical person now, if you are somebody who’s listening, and you’re not even sure you can be hypnotized or you’re just frustrated with always going on different diets and not being successful in becoming a non-smoker. As long as you want to live a healthier lifestyle, come to our program. And even if you are skeptical you know what I’ve found after doing this for 20 years, some of the most skeptical people happen to be an analytical person. They’re some of our best case studies, we can actually get them to have some incredible success.

HOST: Hypnotist Mark Patrick will be at the Senator Inn in Augusta on Monday, 6th, at the Samoset Resort in Rockport on Tuesday, 7th, in the Hilton Garden Inn in Bangor on Wednesday, 8th. And you can find out more about the Mark Patrick Seminars by going online to

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