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Host: Joining me on the phone today from Mark Patrick Seminars is Mark Patrick. Mark, good morning. How are you?

Mark: Good morning. Thanks for having me on.

Host: Hey, you know what, it is our pleasure. You’ve got a great program coming to Marion on Monday night. We want to tell people about it because it’s an opportunity to help people lose weight and stop smoking. Either or, they can certainly do both of them as well. You’re going to be right here in Marion at the Best Western University Plus. Your first seminar on Monday night begins at 5:30. So, let’s talk a little bit about the seminars and why folks need to come out.

Mark: Well, we’re doing both a weight loss and a stop smoking program with hypnosis and those are the number one and number two resolutions each and every year. So, if you haven’t been successful with your resolutions we’re going to be able to help. We use hypnosis as a tool to help people get control over their habits and behaviors and change their internal programming. So, instead of feeling like they have to diet or have to stop smoking they actually leave our programs wanting to do these things so that it really, really, really works.

Host: And Mark, your success stories are long and wide. People have talked about what your seminars do to help them for a very, very long time. If anybody has any preconceived notions, they don’t know what to expect, what’s going to happen when they go to these seminars?

Mark: Well, I’ll tell you what’s not going to happen. You’re not going to bark, you’re not going to cluck. I think most people’s perception of hypnosis is stage hypnosis where you see people braking, clucking, doing crazy, silly things, out of control where the hypnotist has mind and body control over them. We actually go into hypnosis every day of our life. This is why it’s easy to get hypnotized. Every time you drive in your car for a long distance and you zone out you go into a hypnotic state. Before you go to bed you go into a brain activity state –without getting overly technical, it’s called an alpha state. You’re in that state in the morning. So, it’s kind of a relaxed state of awareness. And all we do is get people back into those states and start working on all the little subconscious beliefs and images of themselves so that when they get out there like I said, they will feel like they want to live a healthier lifestyle instead of have to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s that simple.

Host: Wow. It really makes it sound like the key to the whole thing is deep concentration on becoming a better you. Is that correct?

Mark: Exactly. I mean, most people don’t realize it, but we have an image of ourselves. If you’re overweight you have a self-talk that reinforces an image maybe that you don’t want and that image and your self-talk goes like this, “I hate exercise. I’m not motivated. I’m a couch potato. I’m a carboholic. I’m so lazy. I can’t be successful at anything I do.” So, here’s what happens. You go on a diet and you have this internal programming or an image that is unhealthy what happens is you always gain the weight back. So, one of the things we do is we flip the switch under hypnosis, we work on your image, we actually take you six months into the future under hypnosis as someone who’s already slimmer, healthier, attracting all the habits. With hypnosis that’s why people feel like they want to do things versus have to do things. Because the images are what is stored in your subconscious mind. Intellect, conscious behaviors are kind of like willpower and a habit or an image is a thousand times more powerful than willpower.

Host: Wow. That’s fantastic. Joining with us on the phone today is Mark Patrick from Mark Patrick Seminars. You can go to get all the information. You can also go to our websites. We’ve got links to get you set up so that you can register for either the stop smoking or the lose weight seminar that’s happening on Monday. Or you can do both. It’s at the Best Western University Plus on 95 just off of the 23 and the first one begins at 5:30 on Monday night. So, you can pick either or if you’d like to. And they’re $49.99 each and I guess they come with some free gifts, some books to kind of support the entire program, correct?

Mark: Yes. If you sign up online you can get a copy of a book I wrote called Wake Up Skinny. You also get an interview series that I did with our most successful clients who have all lost close to a 100 pounds and more. We share some insight into some of the secrets to losing weight permanently in that interview series. So, that stuff you get actually online as a download.

Host: Okay. That’s fantastic. And your website is very easy to use. Like I said you can go to, get yourself registered and sign up. You’ll be ready to go on Monday and hopefully you’re on your way to a better and new you all with the help from Mark Patrick Seminars.

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