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Host: Good morning everyone. Mark Patrick is absolutely phenomenal. He is a hypnotist who really has a fabulous performance record. If you are struggling with let’s say weight or, hey listen, we are all frustrated with dieting or with something in our lives. Mark Patrick Hypnosis will help. Mark good Morning, how are you?

Mark: Hey, thanks for having me on.

Host: It is a pleasure. You know, I love people who like you are points of light because you help others. Did you know when you were a kid that you would end up doing this kind of work?

Mark: Absolutely not, but I think what original got me involved in this is back when I was 7 years old, my grandmother had both of her legs amputated because of diabetic neuropathy, and I was blown away by that, and ever since then I have always been involved in health and learning about it and I started using hypnosis on myself before I ever did it for anybody else.

Host: How did you do that?

Mark: Well, everybody goes into hypnosis every single day of their life but we don’t realize it. See most people’s perception of hypnosis, is kind of what we see on TV where you see people barking and clucking and running around crazy losing control. We actually go into hypnosis every time we drive in our car for a long distance and we zone out, we don’t remember the last 20, 30, or 40 miles goes by a blink of the eyes, before we go to bed, we go into a conscious state know as an alpha state, that is a hypnotic state or in that state in the morning, so it’s something we do all the time so, all we do in our program is we teach people how to get back into that natural state so that they can start correcting some of the weight loss or stop smoking habits that they want to fix in the first place.

Host: Mark, when I was drinking, I would lose half days, whole days, (laughs), I am over that now though, seriously though, when folks get frustrated over every day things, hypnosis can work. You have a fabulous performance record. I don’t know how you do it, but you know what, it works and that is the main thing, it works.

Mark: Absolutely, and let’s talk about smoking for a second. If you are as smoker right now and you are listening to this and evaluating whether or not to come to this. Look, every smoker will tell you this - that they love to smoke even though they know it is killing them. You see these crazy commercials on TV where people have collapsed lungs, on respirators’, missing limbs or parts of the body parts. To me, in my opinion, those commercials only make smokers stressed out and want to smoke even more. So, once upon a time every smoker was hypnotized, not with a watch, but through a series of events that took place in their life that caused them to smoke long before they consciously knew about it.

So, all we are going to do is this: Under hypnosis, we are going to put you back into all the scenes that you smoked, that cup of coffee right now in the morning that is associated with a cigarette, that walking out of the building that is triggering a cigarette, finishing a meal, having a cocktail, that is what you do. All those scenes, we will put you back into those scenes under hypnosis. We are going to break those mental connections. We are going to put you back into those scenes and we are going to associate yourself as a healthy nonsmoker. Then once we take you out of hypnosis, here is what is going to happen. You will have the image, behaviors, the associations of a healthy nonsmoker.

Think about once upon of time that you did before you ever smoked your first cigarette, and what happens is you are going to be in all those scenes. You can still experience that cup of coffee if you want to, you don’t have to give that stuff up if you don’t want to, be in full control and not crave cigarettes, it is that simple.

Host: WOW! Folks if you want to stop smoking or maybe you want to shed some weight. I am going to tell you, Mark Patrick Hypnosis will work and Mark is going to be here on Wednesday the 14th at the Fairfield Inn & Suites hotel at 185 MacArthur Drive. The doors are going to be open 30 minutes prior to the seminars. Folks you have to do this because it will work and you don’t have to bring any will power what so ever, right mark?

Mark: The funny thing about will power is what most people have of it, is a misconception about will power. Will power is a conscious behavior, a habit is a thousand times more powerful then will power so, we focus on working on your image, which will then affect every habit making them instead of a have to, more of a want to whether it is losing weight or stopping smoking.

Host: Wow. Folks listen, seating is limited so get there and reserve your seats right now and get there early. You will really love it. This is the best gift of the New Year and is one that will change your life for the better. That is what I love about your program Mark. You have helped so many people stop smoking, lose weight, it is just terrific and all I can say is you have 5 stars from me, good going Mark!

Mark:  We appreciate that. We have a great program people. Even if you are a little bit skeptical or unsure if you can be hypnotized. Some of my best clients have been the most skeptical people and typical a skeptical person is a very analytical person. Sometimes people who are teachers, engineers, people who are in law enforcement or just highly analytical personalities, tend to have a higher internal skeptic. We will teach you how to get a great hypnosis session. Just come with an open mind and want to live a healthier life style and we will take it to rest.

Host: That sounds so good so folks you know that it is time to stop smoking once and for all, and do that, with this fabulous program with this fabulous guy. Mark Patrick, we can wait to see you and of course this is on the 14th of January, Wednesday the 14th at the Fairfield Inn and suites hotel. It is a beautify facility on MacArthur drive. You are going to love New Bedford and New Bedford is going to love you Mark. Thanks so much for joining us this morning.

Mark: Thanks for having me on.

Host: Absolutely, and folks for more information, go to and we will see you there.

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