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HOST: News Radio 560 KPQ, I’m Michael Knight, this is the Agenda. My very special guest is Mark Patrick. He’s bringing a seminar, both to Ellensburg and Wenatchee. Thursday, February 9th for Ellensburg, Saturday, February 11th for Wenatchee. Weight loss gain and stop smoking through hypnosis. What would somebody think about the cost of the seminar? Is that an affordable cost, $50? It seems like a pretty small price to pay for that edge on life.

MARK: Yeah, because we’re in a group setting we’re able to keep the cost very—very cost effective. And I mean, it’s an investment in your life. What’s your life worth? I mean, if you’re looking at this as it’s not going to work then $50 is a lot of investment. If you’re looking at this as cigarette money—look, we can justify spending money at anything. We spend money on cigarettes, we spend money on going out to eat, we spend money on vacations. It’s a matter of what gives us the most pleasure.

Giving you the most pleasure is getting off of cigarettes, saving all that money on that, getting healthier and maybe giving up some of your prescription medication as the result of some of these things then that’s a pretty darn good investment.

HOST: Also, your seminars give them a chance to break these cycles which we—you say you can justify anything. Well, anyone can justify having too much to eat or too much to smoke if that justification pleases them, if it helps them understand that they’re maybe doing something wrong with their life, but they can make themselves feel better about it.

MARK: Well, I mean, I always focus on the positives. Everybody does things for two reasons, to avoid pain and to get pleasure. Smokers love to smoke because they get pleasure from smoking even though they know it’s killing them. We don’t again, focus on the negative. They’ve been hypnotized to smoke through three series of events in their life. All we do is under hypnosis break all the scenes that they smoke so they don’t want to smoke in those scenes. We use a little technique called aversion therapy so that the thought of smoking a cigarette will become incredibly repulsive.

They’ll walk out of the hypnosis session like this. Most of them aren’t even sure if they’re hypnotized even though we go through all the signs that we go through. They walk out saying like this, “I can smoke if I want to now, but I don’t want to smoke.” And then what happens is, six months from now I tell them you’re going to run into somebody that you haven’t seen in a while and they say, “You go out and smoke a cigarette?” And you tell them, “You know, I stopped six months ago.” And they’re going to ask you how you did it. And you’ll say, “Well, I went to this hypnosis thing, you know I still don’t know if that guy hypnotized me or not. I can smoke right now if I want to, but I don’t want to smoke anymore.”

HOST: How does the hypnosis process work for the individuals? Should they feel uncomfortable about putting themselves in a position to be hypnotized?

MARK: No, not at all. I mean, here’s what goes on. You’re going go in a relaxed state and what we’re going to do is take you on a little journey. We’re going to take your conscious part of your brain and we’re going to get that relaxing a bit and then we’re going to communicate to your subconscious mind all the brand new behaviors, habits, and beliefs under hypnosis. And you’ll be aware, you’ll be in control the entire time.

HOST: And it’s a lifetime guarantee. If they pay their fee, they can come back and get a tune up whenever you’re in town, correct?

MARK: Absolutely can come back. And we have a one-year guarantee. If one year from the date of this seminar for some reason you fall off the wagon, or you feel you were not satisfied you can actually get your money back for up till one year. That’s a pretty darn good guarantee in this business.

HOST: There is a group of hypnotherapists working with you during the seminar?

MARK: Yeah, we have five different hypnotherapists besides myself that travel all over the country. Most of them have been doing this as long as me or longer than me. In fact, one of the hypnotherapists is one the hypnotherapists I credit for teaching me how to be a really good hypnotherapist. He’s one of the best in the business.

HOST: And you need a number of them because of the size of the crowd?

MARK: We just do so many different locations all across the country at once.

HOST: I see. So, the individuals who will be dealing with you in Ellensburg and Wenatchee will be who

MARK: I think that will be John Jacob. He’s also on our website, so if somebody wants information on him, he’s got a really big following and a lot of people love him and he does a great hypnosis session.

HOST: And you can check the details at

MARK: That’s correct.

HOST: We wish you luck with your attendance in Ellensburg and Wenatchee. Ellensburg on Thursday, February 9th, Wenatchee, Saturday, February 11th. Weight loss and stop smoking.

MARK: Thanks for having me.

HOST: Mark Patrick Seminars. And that will be coming up on the 9th and the 11th. Thank you, Mark.

MARK: Thanks for having me on.

HOST: I’m Michael Knight, News Radio 560 KPQ.

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