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HOST: News Radio 560 KPQ, I’m Michael Knight. Mark Patrick is with me on the line. He’s coming to town, both Ellensburg and Wenatchee, February 9th and February 11th. You can lose weight, you can stop smoking if you just pay attention and follow his simple directions. Mark Patrick, welcome to the air, and thanks for being with us today.

MARK: Hey, thanks for having me on.

HOST: Let’s start with the idea that hypnosis is the way to perceive what they say. Can anybody lose weight or stop smoking without your aid and without hypnosis?

MARK: Well, what hypnosis does is it cuts to the chase, it communicates to the habitual part of our brain, our subconscious. And everybody knows in order to do something successfully we have to change our habits towards that. And that’s what we show people how to do. And using hypnosis is the easy tool to do that.

HOST: I suppose that that’s really the hardest part to weight loss or to stop smoking or to break any habit and that is to actually taking the step that’s going to get you where you want to go.

MARK: Yeah, exactly. I mean, by the time somebody comes to our program they’ve all exhausted all other means and usually they’re pretty frustrated. They might be on a bazillion diets and lose the weight and then gain it back or they might stop smoking with everything under the sun and they always end up going back to smoking a cigarette.

We show them how to change their internal image so that they see themselves as a healthy fit person attracting healthy habits under hypnosis. Or smoking, we show them how to see themselves as they attracting healthy habits and as they under hypnosis or smoking, we show them how to see themselves as an image of a non-smoker who attracts non-smoker habits automatically. Just like friends who don’t smoke, they don’t have to use willpower when they’re around smokers, they just don’t want to smoke.

HOST: So, if you just take the position that you’re not a smoker any longer that helps as a first step

MARK: Yeah. But what happens is that everybody does that consciously and conscious behavior is not as strong as a subconscious belief. It’s a thousand times more powerful than any type of willpower. So, you know, any time you have to use will power you’re struggling, you’re always thinking about it, you’re focusing on it, you’re concentrating on it. You’re usually exhausted by the end of the day.

HOST: And of course, using willpower is only one way to do it. That is to say you personally against the world without any help and we need help to make these kind of jumps, don’t we?

MARK: Yeah, you do need to learn how to tap into the subconscious mind. And that’s what hypnosis does. And if you think about it, most people’s perception of hypnosis—I mean, they’re all familiar with from stage hypnosis. Barking, clucking, crazy, silly things. So, it’s nothing like that.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of awareness. We go into hypnosis every day. You don’t call it that, but any time you go for a long drive and, I’ll give your listeners an example, and you zone out and you can remember the last 30, 40, 50 miles and it felt like it went by in a blink of the eyes and you were just in that kind of highway hypnotic zone, that’s a state of hypnosis.

When you go to bed at night you go into an alpha state of brain activity. Without getting overly technical, that’s a hypnotic state. When you wake up in the morning you’re in that creative state. So, if anybody wants to know how it feels, it’s a relaxed state of awareness. And we get people into that state and start communicating all the habits and behaviors that they want to do in the first place.

HOST: Also, perhaps one of the misconceptions of hypnosis is that you will be led to do something that you don’t want to do, but that’s not true?

MARK: Yeah, it’s not true. There is a mechanism in your brain that will not allow you to do anything that will go out there and be against your belief system. So, under hypnosis you can’t influence somebody to hurt somebody or hurt themselves or do anything crazy like that. Even if you watch stage hypnosis people are doing crazy things that’s all in fun and they want to participate in those types of activities.

HOST: So, we shouldn’t confuse your type of hypnotic therapy with stage hypnosis, which is a form of entertainment and probably not true, right?

MARK: No, that works on kind of entertainment, it works in the different part of your brain. With therapeutic hypnosis, the one that works with habits, works in a different part of your brain. It’s just like this. Somebody speaks to you with your eyes closed, they take you on a relaxing mental journey, then they use a little imagery, they get your conscious part of your brain to wander off and you lose track of time outside of that. Everything that we do falls below your awareness level, but we actually before somebody leaves our seminar, we go eight to ten signs of hypnosis.

If a person gets a couple of those signs typically we’ve got a good hypnosis session, they should get some results with this.

HOST: How long does the hypnosis stay with the individual once the post-hypnotic suggestion has been made, or whatever technique you use?

MARK: When you change your beliefs and your imagery, and you change your habit, that’s a lifetime change.

HOST: And that’s the idea. To quit smoking for a lifetime and to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life. When did you start putting together Mark Patrick Seminars? When did you know that hypnosis was a key to helping other people achieve something that they’ve fought against all their life perhaps, stopping smoking and losing weight?

MARK: Yeah, it’s been an interesting ride. I used self-hypnosis on myself when I was a teenager. I was a troubled teenager and going down the wrong path, I was the one getting kicked out of school, suspended all the time. I was a parent’s worst nightmare. Wanted to better myself and learned about the power of visualization by reading a few different books. Started practicing it, changed my life around. And then you know, as I got older I started teaching other people how to use these kind of beliefs and visualizations.

You know, there’s no magic. It’s just the power of seeing yourself making healthy changes in a relaxed state of mind. And before you know it I started to love it, research it more, got certified for hypnotherapy. And I’ve been doing this now—this is my 20th year this year. So, I’ve been doing this for long.

HOST: And you’ll be coming to Ellensburg, Thursday, February 9th and to Wenatchee, Saturday, February 11th. How many people do you have in a seminar normally? How big of a crowd can you work with at one time?

MARK: Well, we range from crowds of small, of 20 persons to 250 people. It just depends on who wants to come out that day. We can handle those crowds pretty easily. But you know, our sweet spot seems to be between about 50 and 100. What I mean by sweet spot it’s a pretty easy program to put on for our clients, they are comfortable, we’re comfortable. You don’t have to worry about temperature in the room or somebody coughing a little bit or anything like that. Everything seems to flow much better in those sized crowds. So, that’s why we try to keep it that way.

HOST: The cost of the seminar is $49.99 and that gives you a lifetime membership. Can you explain what that entails?

MARK: Yeah. If you ever want to come back for free reinforcement or—you can come back to any of our seminars all over the country. You pay one time, you can come back forever on that.

HOST: And you’re asked to show up to the seminar a little early?

MARK: Yeah, you can show up about 30 minutes prior to the session. So, I think we’re doing our weight loss sessions—during the week they’re 5:30 to 7:30 and our stop smoking sessions are 8 to 10 P.M.

HOST: How is it Mark Patrick that you turned your own life around when you were a troubled younger individual, yet other people can’t manage to turn around their habits for smoking or weight loss or anything else that they want to get rid of, like drinking?

MARK: Well, there’s three ways you can change a habit. You can change it consciously through a lot of what they call attaboys or attagirls. You do something over and over again repetition is what your subconscious mind loves and it becomes what’s called automatic unconscious competent. You can have a life changing epiphany moment. Number one way to stop smoking is heart attack survivor. And I don’t say that to scare anybody. We don’t use any type of techniques like that in our program. We keep it all positive.

But you know, when you go through a life threatening near death experience it associates massive pain to that smoking, so that works. You can have a life changing experience. Or the quickest, shortest path is using hypnosis. It bypasses the conscious, goes right into the subconscious, it doesn’t know the difference between reality or fantasy. Just like when you dream it seems real. And once you create a habit it happens automatically, you don’t have to think about it.

For example, go to a buffet right now if person’s on a diet they have to count every calorie, worry about every bit of food, stress out all day long and they just—they’re worn out. Imagine how great it would be to go to a buffet, walk in, focus only on the healthy foods because of the way your brain works, it will focus on only the healthy foods, not even be aware of the unhealthy stuff. Grab small portions, chew slowly, fill up quickly. You compound that over weeks and months the weight will come off automatically.

HOST: Your seminars are going to do weight loss and smoking at the same time or back to back or how does that work?

MARK: We do them back to back. We do the weight loss session first and then we do the stop smoking session separately. Two different types of hypnosis. Stop smoking uses the technique called aversion therapy where we kind of do something repulsive towards the act of smoking along with break the mental scenes to cigarettes, or associations to cigarettes. Weight loss it’s more on a visual, painting a good, healthy picture in the subconscious mind.

HOST: Do you advise your clients to do both in a weekend or do you suggest let’s go one at a time here.

MARK: Well, you can do both. We do get clients that do both. If a person is coming to the stop smoking seminar worried about gaining weight we cover that in the program too. Because that’s actually the number one or two reason a person goes back to smoking cigarettes. I think clinically they studies people who stopped smoking can gain up to 40 pounds in six months.

HOST:  Whoa.

MARK: Yeah, ouch.

HOST: I know. That is an ouch. Then you need both your seminars most certainly.

MARK: Yeah. Then you have to come back to a weight loss seminar. No. We want to cover it in the smoking seminar so that they’re proactive. Our goal was to get you off the cigarettes and smoking, tech you everything that we can so that you never go back to smoking another cigarette again because we just don’t want to effect your life, we know you’re there because you have kids and grandkids that are looking up to you and you could actually stop the family tree from over smoking by coming to our program. Meaning that kids or grandkids don’t follow in your footsteps, either never start or if they started, they will eventually stop because you stopped.

HOST: The dependency on the smoking and the need for food, are those two different addiction levels? Is one actually a physical addiction and one perhaps a mental addiction?

MARK: Well, both of them have a little bit of a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. Both of them do because they have to do with blood sugar levels in the body. So, we actually teach a little, spend about five minutes on that in the program too.

HOST: So, one of the elements that works against us is our body chemistry, it gets accustomed to smoking or eating and then we have to overcome that as well.

MARK: Yeah. A lot of smokers don’t eat breakfast in the morning, but they smoke first thing and that raises their blood sugar. And they have it with a cup of coffee or some kind of caffeine and then they have a little bit of nicotine. It’s the triffect of energy in the morning, so who the heck needs breakfast when you’re doing all that. Your body is basically living off of all that energy. So, teach them when they stop smoking what their body goes through, a simple little trick, so that they don’t go back to smoking for something silly like blood sugar.

HOST: Mark Patrick is bringing his seminar to town. He’ll be in Ellensburg on Thursday, February 9th and Wenatchee on Saturday, February 11th for a means for you to lose weight and to stop smoking through hypnosis. We’ll be back in just one moment to talk with Mark Patrick on News Radio 560 KPQ.

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